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Hey, I am Dr. Mary-Ann Blätke, you are welcome to call me "Mary"!

I am a dedicated researcher in computational biology for 9+ years and just started my own research group at at the Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research. The goal of my research is to unravel the molecular mechanisms connecting genetic information with plant traits, such as yield, resilience and nutrient content. Deepening our  knowledge is crucial to steel crop plants for future challenges due to climate change and a growing world population. Therefore, I use mathematical and computational tools to make sense out of data and to create meaningful models helping to advance plant breeding and agriculture.

Next to my research projects including popular tools, concepts and methods, you will also read about other things I am super excited about:

  • science communication - it's import to make research more visible to build trust in science!
  • work-life balance -  it's crucial for a happy and healthy life to take breaks and organise yourself
  • self growth - it's my journey to get out of my comfort zone
  • coding  - it's about python and what matters to me when it comes to data science projects in respect to FAIR and open science